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“You Park Like You’re Vaccinated” Parking Notes

“You Park Like You’re Vaccinated” Parking Notes

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Have you ever wondered if getting the vaccine came with an unexpected side effect—questionable parking skills? Well, we've got just the remedy for those parking mishaps that make you raise an eyebrow and ponder the mysteries of vaccination-induced parking challenges.

Our card offers a humorous reality check. It's not just a card; it's a comedic intervention for those whose parking prowess seems to have taken an unexpected detour post-vax.

Imagine this scenario: a car parked diagonally across two spaces like a puzzle piece that just doesn't fit. Instead of scratching your head in disbelief, leave behind the "You Park Like You're Vaccinated" card. It's the perfect blend of satire and a light-hearted jab.

Get your "Park Like You're Vaccinated" cards today and let's inject a dose of laughter into the quest for perfect parking! 🅿️🚗😂

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